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Restarting NiFi causing SiteToSiteBulletinReportingTask to fail

I am running HDF which comes with NiFi We are using SiteToSiteBulletinReportingTask to monitor bulletins (for things like Disk Usage and Memory Usage). When we restart NiFi via Ambari (either with a Restart or Stop and then Start), when NiFi comes back up the SiteToSiteBulletinReportingTask no longer works. It throws the following error when it is first trying to start up:

SiteToSiteBulletinReportingTask[id=ba6b4499-0162-1000-0000-00003ccd7573] org.apache.nifi.remote.client.PeerSelector@34e976af Unable to refresh Remote Group's peers due to response code 409:Conflict with explanation: null

No matter how long we wait, it never works. The ways I have been able to get it to start working again are as follows:

  • Stop and then Start the Remote Input Port the SiteToSiteBulletinReportingTask is using
  • Delete the SiteToSiteBulletinReportingTask and create a new one
  • Wait a while and stop and start the SiteToSiteBulletinReportingTask (however this doesn't work consistently)

I have tested the same flow steps using a process that uses a Remote Process Group and a different Remote Input Port, and that RPG throws the same error when first coming up but then starts working after a period of time. So maybe the SiteToSiteBulletinReportingTask isn't trying enough times to connect to the Remote Input Port?


Hi @Chad Woodhead,

Thanks for reporting the issue, I reproduced it and created NIFI-5092 to track it:

Current workaround: after a NiFi restart, stop the reporting task, clear the state of the reporting task and start the reporting task.

A fix will be provided very quickly and if needed you would be able to build the NAR containing the reporting task and drop it in NiFi to use the fixed version.

Hope this helps,


Hi @Pierre Villard,

Thanks for responding to this and picking it up. Reading your description for the JIRA issue makes total sense why I would start receiving bulletins after a long period of time!

I will look for your fix and it's great to hear I will be able to port it my version of NiFi (1.2) in HDF (



Hi @Pierre Villard,

Will I be able to take the fixed and build a NAR and drop it in my NiFi version 1.2 (I'm on HDF If so, how would I go about doing that?



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