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Restrict user from submitting Jobs


Restrict user from submitting Jobs




Is it possible to restrict certain users from submitting jobs with Yarn in CDH5.




Re: Restrict user from submitting Jobs

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Assign 0 mappers and 0 reducers to that user in your fair scheduler configuration. This probably not allow that user to run jobs...
This may not be the perfect answer but this may work...
Em Jay

Re: Restrict user from submitting Jobs

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It depends on the scheduler you are using.

For the fair scheduler which is currently the only supported scheduler in CDH 5 you can achieve it in a number of ways.

If you have queue based on user names then you could set the max applications for the user (mappers and reducers is not a YARN queue thing) in the allocations file:

<user name="forbidden_user"> <maxRunningApps>0</maxRunningApps> </user>


The other solution would be to use a 'reject' as the last rule in the queue placement policy and make sure that the user does not match any of the earlier rules.


If you really want to you could use queue ACLs also.


For all these options see here: