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Retrieving access token from open id connect provider using NIFI API

New Contributor

According to Nifi API documentation, we can retrieve jwt access token by passing username and passowrd using /nifi-api/access/oidc/token.

I am facing issue while trying to get token from oidc provider using below Nifi API
curl --request GET
--data username=sample
--data 'password=sample123'

Expected response for above api is jwt access token but i get "Anonymous authentication has not been configured." response

The user name and password are created in keycloak(oidc provider). Same user is also created in Nifi as initial admin idenity.

can someone help how to get access token from oidc providing using nifi API's?

Note: when i login via oidc UI(keycloak login page) i am able to login successfully and was able to see access token in /access/oidc/exchange response after successful login.

Thanks, Bala