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Right permission of /etc/ranger/user/sync/conf/cert

In this page:

A command "chmod -R 400 /etc/ranger/user/sync/conf/cert" shown in step 2 looks strange because cert is a directory.

That should be "chmod 500 /etc/ranger/user/sync/conf/cert; chmod 400 /etc/ranger/user/sync/conf/cert/*", right?


Re: Right permission of /etc/ranger/user/sync/conf/cert

Cloudera Employee

The -R flag in the chmod command recursively applies the permission to all children of the /etc/ranger/usersync/conf/cert folder. Therefore there is no need to specify the permission separately for the contents of the /etc/ranger/usersync/conf/cert folder.

Re: Right permission of /etc/ranger/user/sync/conf/cert

I know that "-R" flag means "recursively".

To set 400 to a directory disables to access files in that directory because of lack of "execute" permission.

So I think the document shown before should be correct... but If that document want to say that there is no need to access a file in "cert" directory, there's no need to correct the document.