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Role of hive.llap.execution.mode with LLAP



I can not understand the role of this property with LLAP : hive.llap.execution.mode

I looked for the documentation but couldn't find something useful. Can someone shed some light on this?


Hi @Adel Ouazani,

The setting tells the optimizer how aggressively it should execute a LLAP explain plan. The values are none, all, and only. Only provides the best performance because the optimizer won't need to spend cycles as to whether or not to use LLAP. The optimizer also does not always make the best decision and may use Tez in certain operations when it should have used LLAP. Hope this helps.

Please see,

This setting determines where query fragments will execute, in LLAP or in ordinary Tez containers. For example, 'all' indicates that all query fragments should execute within LLAP.

Cloudera Employee

@slachterman I am trying to set the execution mode in Ambari but even with LLAP enabled and the daemons running, I am not able to set the engine to LLAP mode. Currently, would we have to set the execution engine on a beeline session level ? and not in Ambari. I am using

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