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Root user pasword not working for hortonworks sandbox in SSH

New Contributor


I am new to this community and I am learning hadoop.

I tried to access root user from SSH using Putty and I am unable to login to root user from SSH. However when I try to login from VM virtual box by pressing ALT+F5 I can login to root user by password hadoop.

I am connecting through host: port:2222 (also tried 22 not able to connect).

Using sandbox 2.5 on windows 10 and 8 gb RAM laptop.

Getting the following error on Putty:


Able to login in VM virtual box :



Please help i tried searching i


@Vipuly2j  Did you login like this:


ssh -p 2200

You need to make sure to have the networking setup right per this link:



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Steven @ DFHZ

New Contributor

Hi Steven,


Thanks for the reply. I tried login from Putty as 


Also I tried to login directly to root by removing maria_dev in Hostname of above screen.

It opened me the window and asked for user which I gave root and Password hadoop.

I didn't use git.Also I am able to login to Maria_dev.

This is the screen which I get when i open Oracle VM Virtaul box and start  the machine:




Vipul Chauhan