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RouteOnAttribute problem evaluating numeric data

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I am using EvaluateJsonPath to extract the data associated with a Json file "progress_percentage". The Json value is placed in an attribute ProgressPercentage. I am then trying to use Route on attribute to determine if the progress percentage has reached 100%. I can see the value 100 is extracted in the provenance data, but I can't seem to find the correct expression language to perform the evaluation successfully. The "route" is always failed to match. A Json snippet and the RouteOnAttribute Properties window is attached.



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@Regis Thomas

Your RouteonAttribute expression looks good and I have recreated/tried your RouteonAttribute expression, all are working as expected.

All extracted attributes are case sensitive in NiFi, make sure your extracted attribute from EvaluateJsonPath processor is ProgressPercentage(case sensitive), and in RouteOnAttribute Processor you are using same extracted attribute for routing.

Here is what i tried:-


 "process_info": {
  "progress_percentage": "100"

EvaluateJsonPath configs:-




RouteOnAttribute Configs:-


i tried with another expression for sanitize complete property as


Both ways i have routed the input json to sanitizeComplete property.

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@Regis Thomas

Good to know that 🙂

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@Shu Thanks for your reply, I actually had the Destination within EvaluateJsonPath properties wrong. I changed it to flow-file attribute and it is working now.