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Run .hql file in Spark and store result as txt or csv

Run .hql file in Spark and store result as txt or csv

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I am looking to export extracts from hive databases in csv or txt format using hql files. In Hive, you can achieve this by running below command:

hive -f test.hql >> test.csv

I tried the below command in Spark which works for a smaller dataset but fails if I try to run a complex query on a bigger data. I get out of memory exception from Driver.

spark-sql --name my-extract --num-executors 20 --master yarn --executor-memory 5G --driver-memory 10G --queue batch -S -f test.hql >> test.csv

I saw some solutions using Scala code and submit it through spark-submit, but users are more comfortable with SQL and running hive -f kinda export.

Thanks in advance!!

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