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Running Spark job on YARN

Running Spark job on YARN

New Contributor

I am trying to utilise all the resources which I have on the cluster to run the Spark job. I have Cloudera Manager installed on all of the nodes. This is the command which I use to submit the job.


spark-submit --master yarn
                 --deploy-mode cluster
                 file:///[spark python file]
                 file://[app argument 1]
                 file://[app argument 2]

During the execution I receive following error:


diagnostics: Application application_1450777964379_0027 failed 2 times due to AM Container for appattempt_1450777964379_0027_000002 exited with  exitCode: 1

Any ideas how to fix it will be much appreciated.

The machine where Spark is installed is not accessible by WEB UI I tried to download the sources and read little bit more about the exception.


0saveAsTextFile at

Re: Running Spark job on YARN

Super Collaborator

Use the

yarn logs -applicationId APP_ID

command to grab the executor logs so you can get some more detail on what is failing.

APP_ID needs to be replaced with the application ID of your application in your example: application_1450777964379_0027



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