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Running livy server not showing in Ambari HDP 2.6

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I am using HDP Version (for IBM POWER) and I have started the Livy server via command line:

`/usr/hdp/current/livy-server/bin/livy-server start ` and it is running, I can see it on port 8998 and I can also connect via Jupyter and submit Spark jobs, however it does not show in the webUI in Ambari and I am wondering if something is set up wrong or if it's a bug in Ambari? Do I have no sight or control over Livy via Ambari at all?



edit: @Mirjam Mueller, from screenshot it looks like you are looking for livy2 status and have started livy from command line.

Since livy2 for spark is 0/0 (0 started of 0 installed) You'd need to install livy2 separately and start it.

Please note that there are 2 livy versions one for spark1.x and one for spark2