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SAP HANA Impala OBDC Connector Unable to Connect


SAP HANA Impala OBDC Connector Unable to Connect




I have installed the Impala ODBC Driver on my SAP Hana cloud machine in AWS following these instructions


But when I test the connection with isql -v CLIMPALA I get the following error. Its not clear to me what host address and port is missing because I have configured the Impala server host name here in the .odbc.ini file. What am I doing wrong? Any help greatly appreciated.


[08001][unixODBC][Cloudera][ODBC] (10380) Unable to establish a connection with data source. Missing settings: {[Host] [Port]}
[ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLConnect


Re: SAP HANA Impala OBDC Connector Unable to Connect

New Contributor


I realize this is an old post, but in case you had not found a workaround, or if anyone else out there is looking for the same answer, I'd like to suggest a solution that worked for me.

If you are running the isql -v CLIMPALA command from the user that runs the HANA DB, try this as that user:

odbcinst -j

This should reveal something like:
unixODBC 2.3.4
DRIVERS............: /usr/local/etc/odbcinst.ini
SYSTEM DATA SOURCES: /usr/local/etc/odbc.ini
FILE DATA SOURCES..: /usr/local/etc/ODBCDataSources
USER DATA SOURCES..: /home/youruser/.odbc.ini
SQLULEN Size.......: 8
SQLLEN Size........: 8


Is the USER DATA SOURCES .odbc.ini the same one you created following the Cloudera documentation? If so - check the permissions on the file and see if it's owned by someone other than the user - potentially root. Change the ownership to match everything else in the directory, and the error should then be resolved.

Hope that helps!

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