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SELinux enabled error though set it to permissive and rebooted the machine

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Hello Community,


I am installing Cloudera Manager on RHEL7.4 AMI in AWS . As per the instructions, i set SELINUX=permissive and rebooted the machine. But i am getting the error "SELinux is enabled it should be disabled " while running the Manager bin file. 

Are the instructions correct ? Any help in this regrad is much appreciated 


------------ update ------------

I tried with Cenos6.5 AMI and it works . The /etc/selinux/config fille in CentOs has "SELINUX=disabled" while  for RHEL 7.4 it's "SELINUX=enforcing". For RHEL7.4 when i set the SELINUX to disabled the VM doesn't even comes up. Well CentOs6.5 worked for me so i will stick to it




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For RHEL 7 you can go in single user mode  and do a "./autorelabel" and then try. It should work. Let me know if any error arises.

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Setting selinux to disabled in RHEL 7.4 should work. Unless you are using Oracle Linux, or have installed and trying to boot with the Unbreakable Kernel, for some reason.

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