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SMM (streams-messaging-manager-smm)available on HDP


SMM is quickly presented here

is it already available on HDP/HDF and for which version ? any roadmap ?



Hi @phil gib

SMM is available in DPS 1.2 and can be used with Kafka in HDF 3.2 or HDP 3.0. You can check the new support matrix here

Do you know why the new matrix does not go into detail about individual components/services and their versions? This was an important part for the old matrix as it was easy to tell what versions were supported within a specific release.

@Steven Matison are you referring to the components version in each platform? if yes, this is still available in the release notes like in previous version.

The support matrix is additional and make checking platforms compatibility easier.


@Abdelkrim Hadjidj

When I received a notification I really wanted to test drive it but it seems DPS is cloud-based and we can't just download and play with it right?Can you enlighten me on this !!