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SOLR Install location

SOLR Install location

I installed Solr and then ranger after the fact, however I realized when running the install script for the ranger portion I accidentally referenced the wrong file location for


Can I change this after the fact? What steps would I need to do so?


Re: SOLR Install location

Hi @Kevin Major where did you set the SOLR_RANGER_HOME variable and what script did you execute?

You might want to take a look at this =>

Re: SOLR Install location

I did it after running in /usr/local/ as per this doc

I set it to /opt/solr/ranger_audit_services when I meant to set it to /opt/lucidworkshdpsearch/solr/ranger_audit_services

The directory I currently have it set at does not have the required 1tb of space.


Re: SOLR Install location

@Kevin Major what version of HDP, Ranger and Solr are you using?

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