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SOLR query fetches wrong result

Expert Contributor

Hi all,


 I like to know what is the difference between queries--->  fieldname: value  vs "fieldname": "value"


1) In the query menu of solr UI. if I give below query it fetches me all documents even it doesnot match the value in fieldname

fieldname: value 



2) "fieldname": "value" 

        It fetches correct result.


I was wondered what is the difference between 1 vs 2 query?


Please help me to understand the difference of both queries.



Thanks & Regards,

J.Ganesh Kumar


Rising Star

Hi Ganesh,


Could you share the "response header" of the query from solr web UI. We can able to fetch correct result with the below queries.


fieldname: "value"  &  fieldname: value 


Providing query with "fieldname": "value"  will get you a parse error for fieldname.