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Am using sqooo parellel import code which is submitted in GitHub,

In that code am able to pass only three parameters -o orig server and hive database and source dabaee and table names txt file if am passing extra parameters -u username and password -pp usage help it is showing usage -h can you help me regarding this am exceuting below command it is working

This wiki page describes the script (GitHub: as per the git hub code

bash -d dholding -H mydatbase -o -p 1 -q etl /home/trainer1/703226740/tablenames.txt

[Fri Nov 23 02:29:11 EST 2018] Creating the table sourcedatabse.employee from the SQLserver table sourcedatbase.employee

but if am passing variable of username and password with options it is throwing below error please help how to resolve this below error

bash -u trainer1 -pp hsgh21234 -d sourcedatabse -H mydatbase -o -p 1 -q etl /home/trainer1/703226740/tablenames.txt 1usage:

[-b <report directory>] [-c <directory for java code>] [-u <username>] [-pp <password>] [-d <source database] [-H <hive database>] [-o <source server>] [-p <parallelism>] [-q <queue>] <fileName>

usage: -h

the file must contain on each line the name of a table you want to sqoop. If you want to sqoop 5 tables, you need 5 lines in your file

thanks in advance