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SPLIT in pig


SPLIT in pig

New Contributor

I am trying to split reviews_per_month into their respective category.


My error is : 
2019-11-30 06:06:58,036 [main] ERROR - ERROR 1200: Pig script failed to parse:
<line 145, column 20> Invalid scalar projection: b0
Details at logfile: /home/cloudera/Downloads/pig_1575121155335.log


NY_Airbnb_data = LOAD 'AB_NYC_2019.csv' using PigStorage (',') as (id:int, name:chararray, host_id:int, host_name:chararray, neighbourhood_group:chararray, neighbourhood:chararray, lattitude:double, longitude:double, room_type:chararray, price:int, minimum_night:int, number_of_review:int, last_review:datetime, reviews_per_month:chararray, calculated_host_listing_count:int, availability_365:int);

b0 = FOREACH NY_Airbnb_data GENERATE name, neighbourhood_group, neighbourhood, room_type, reviews_per_month;

SPLIT b0 into b2 if(b0.price > 200), b3 if (b0.price < 100);

dump b2;




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