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SQOOP2 fails after restarting aws cluser


SQOOP2 fails after restarting aws cluser


Installed Cloudera Live on AWS and works fine. After stopping and restarting AWS and restarting Cloudera services via the management console everything starts up except sqoop2 (tried restarting it also). Not used for exercises but wondersing what the issue is and how to resolve it




Error is:


Service did not start successfully; not all of the required roles started: Service has only 0 Sqoop 2 Server roles running instead of minimum required 1



Actually not sure if sqopp2 was even working for the first install and looking at the tutorials this may be expected - if so not a big deal since I am not using it


Re: SQOOP2 fails after restarting aws cluser

Master Collaborator
To see what error occurred, click on the Sqoop service, go to the Processes
tab, and then "View Role Log Details".

Since it isn't needed, I wouldn't run the service without stopping some
other service - the default instance sizes for the Live clusters have just
enough memory to run all the services used in the tutorial without causing
performance problems.
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