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SSH Client URL Not working for HDP 2.5

I have installed Nifi demo on HDP 2.5 VBox sandbox. While planning to install HDPSearch / Solr, I noticed my SSH Client (localhost:4200) has stopped responding. I tried this opening using IP and FQDN.. checked my port forwarding.. everything seems fine.

All of my other links are working fine such as localhost:8888, localhost:8080, localhost:9090 etc.. except this.

Also earlier, I noticed that on previous boot this ssh client stopped connecting for my 'root' user.. as soon as I enter the sandbox login: root and press enter it says 'Connection closed' and a 'Connect' button appears in the center of the shell.

Please help me resolve as the rest of the installation is dependent on some command based component installation.

Also is there any way to get to this $ shell (ssh client shell ) from Docker Shell # ?


Expert Contributor

To get to the core image:

ssh root@sandbox -p 2122

To get to the Docker image hosting HDP:

ssh root@sandbox -p 2222

Are you able to telnet to the sandbox (or whatever you have defined, e.g. on those ports?