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“START_RETRY- - JA009” oozie


“START_RETRY- - JA009” oozie

New Contributor

I get this following error while running wordcount job in oozie


what should i do to get success as current status ? This commands will help you to execute my oozie program

Just replace "raj" in the path by your username.

hdfs dfs -mkdir -p /home/raj/Desktop

hdfs dfs -put /home/raj/Desktop/examplesoozie/ /home/raj/Desktop/examplesoozie

export OOZIE_URL="http://localhost:11000/oozie"

oozie job -config /home/raj/Desktop/examplesoozie/map-reduce/ -run

for downloading my oozie project here is the link for finding the problem which i faced , please see the problem.png image

Thank you