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Salesforce integration with Apache Nifi

Salesforce integration with Apache Nifi

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Currently I am working on a project to export data present in salesforce in a Datalake. I have two tables the first made 10 million lines and the last 100 million. I used the PkChunking principle as explained in salesforce but it does not. For example dice I put the chunksize = 250.000 does not pass and chunsize = true, there are only some batchs that work. I used InvokeHttp to create the job, batch, check their statuses and retrieve the data. I also used other processors including SpliJson to convert my datas to json lines but at this state my nifi cluster falls. Please suggest me as step and configuration on the processors used (InvokHttp, splitjson, mergecontent, extractText, replaceText ...).

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Re: Salesforce integration with Apache Nifi

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Are you still looking for help with this use case?