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Sandbox HDF 3.1 - Where is all components like HDFS, YARN, HIVE, DRUID, SUPERSET, etc.


I download the last Sandbox HDF 3.1 and HDFS and others components like DRUID and SUPERSET has not avaible in the VM.

Someone know if it is right?



Cloudera Employee

Hi Gilvan, can you point me to link from where you downloaded? There are two ways to use HDF 1. HDF on HDP (Where you can have hdfs, druid, superset (all hdp related services) etc along with all services like storm, kafka, SAM, registry, nifi, nifi_registry from HDF). 2. HDF only where you would only have storm, kafka, nifi, SAM, nifi_registry and other auxiliary services.

New Contributor

The defective HDF sandbox download site is the following:

Installing this sandbox omits Druid, HDFS, HBase & Superset. Thus, the tutorials that assume these exist no longer apply:

Bummer ...


Hi @sapin amin,

Your response above states you can use SAM and schema registry when you run HDF on HDP. Have you tried this? I ask as the HDF documentation states:

"You cannot install SAM and Schema Registry for HDF 3.1 on an HDP 2.6.4 cluster, and you cannot upgrade these services from a previous HDP cluster"

Do you know if this is the case?



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