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Sandbox Tutorial - Zeppelin and Spark 1.6.0

Sandbox Tutorial - Zeppelin and Spark 1.6.0

New Contributor

Hi All,

I am using the HDP 2.4 sandbox (not the latest one, we are aware of it) and trying to follow the tutorial which seems to be updated for 2.6.

At the Zeppelin tutorial part [Clicky!], it is using spark2, which is not available on the HDP 2.4 sandbox.
The Sandbox has Spark 1.6.0.
I was able to adjust the code in the examples


val drivermileage_temp1 = hiveContext.sql("select * from drivermileage")



sqlc.sql("show tables").show()

But I can't find a way for the "Querying Against a Table" section :




hiveContext.sql("show tables").show()

How can I adjust the following code to make it with with Spark 1.6.0 ?

Thank you very much !