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Sandbox slow start


Sandbox slow start

New Contributor

Hello, we are evaluating the Hortonworks with Sandbox provided for Virtual Box.

I tried latest Sandbox 2.6.4 and 2.6.1.

The start seems very slow. Most of the time is in starting ambari-services .. Waring for ambari services to start ...............

I do have a windows 10 host with 12 processors and 16GB RAM. I gave 8 CPU, 6 CPU and 4 CPU and 12 GB, 10 GB and 8 GB memory for the sandbox. Nothing seems to matter. Sometime it takes 20 minutes and sometimes 1 hour and sometimes forever! It seems like it's a single threaded start each of ambari services and with bunch of status monitoring activity from ambari agent logs.

How can I have a quick start ? I have used other vms including Cloudera, nothing takes this long.

Appreciate someone responding and guiding.