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Schema Registry UI displays wrong schema contents after changing pages

New Contributor

We've noticed a bug in the Schema Registry UI using version 0.5.3 and would like to report it here. When viewing the contents of a schema in the ui, if the user changes pages in the schema list the contents of the schemas in the list are not updated. This affects all schemas on the ui, whether they are expanded or not when the page is changed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Expand any schema in the registry UI and view the contents.
    (See attached screenshot "screen-shot-2018-10-09-at-105001-am.png". Expanded schema is 4th from the top of the list, sorted by name. The contents of the schema 'email_0_0' displays the 'EmailRecord' avro schema.)
  2. Change pages in the UI and expand the schema at the same position of the list. The expanded window will still show the contents of the schema from the previous page.
    (See attached screenshot "screen-shot-2018-10-09-at-104918-am.png". Now on page 2, still showing the 4th schema from the top of the list expanded. The schema on this page is 'vpn_0_0', but the contents in the expanded window are still showing the 'EmailRecord' schema from page 1. This issue applies to all other schemas on the page as well -- for example, the 'violation_0_0' schema will show the contents of 'authentication_0_0' from page 1, and so on.)
  3. Re-sort the schemas by either name or last update to refresh the schemas currently on the page and display the correct data when they are expanded.
    (See attached screenshot "screen-shot-2018-10-09-at-105408-am.png". After re-sorting by name, the 'vpn_0_0' schema on page 2 is now correctly displaying the expected 'VpnRecord' schema.)

This issue happens on every page change, regardless of what sort order is used or what page the user starts from. Until the schemas are re-sorted by either name or last update time, the UI will display the contents of the schemas from the page that the user was originally viewing. We have also installed multiple separate instances of the registry in our environment, both version 0.5.2 and 0.5.3, and this issue has appeared on all of them.

Please note that this bug only affects the web UI. When retrieving schemas by name/subject/id either with NiFi or through the REST API, the correct schema body is always returned. This appears to exclusively be an issue of the schemas not being refreshed on page changes when viewing them in the registry UI.

I apologize if this isn't the correct place to be reporting bugs like this, or if this issue has already been brought up in another thread. I didn't find any mentions of it in my previous searches, and I didn't see any dedicated page for reporting bugs while I was looking through the hortonworks website.