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Sequential install using ambari blue prints

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Is it possible to state the order and underlying dependancies while submitting an ambari blueprint ? like for eg: we want zookeeper to be installed first , we don't want certain components to be installed if underlying dependancies are not installed etc .


Re: Sequential install using ambari blue prints

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@Amith Dsilva

Blueprint is cluster creation template, It allows to setup the cluster with predefined configurations. However regarding the ordering of start of components / services depends on the individual service dependencies.

From blueprint side we can only define the "provision_action". Default "provision_action" is "INSTALL_AND_START" , optionally this can be overwritten on component level, by specifying a different provision_action for a given component.

 "provision_action" : "(INSTALL_AND_START | INSTALL_ONLY)"

"INSTALL_AND_START" means the components/services defined inside the blueprint will be installed and then immediately started so sometimes it can cause issues like for example Ranger is not installed bu the other host have completed installation of other components like Hive/HDFS and they will immediately attempt to be started which can cause delay and retries until the ranger admin comes up. So in order to avoid that we can choose "INSTALL_ONLY" provision state which will cause the configuration and installation of component only and once that is completed you can then do "Start All" from ambari UI.


Reference: (All available options with Blueprint can be found here)