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Service 'hdfs' check failed:

New Contributor

I have HDP 2.6 Docker Sandbox installed on a Windows 10 host. I am able to ssh in to the vm once I launch it from powershell. I am even able to open up ambari. But when I check the HDFS this is the error that I see. Same is the case when I try to execute hdfs commands as a root user. How do I solve this issue?


Hey @Abhilash Anil

Just as a sanity check, is HDFS and all of its components shown as running from within Ambari? http://localhost:8080 is the webui for Ambari.

Super Mentor

@Abhilash Anil

Please check the "/etc/hosts" file modification part from the following reference Doc and verify if your host has the correct entry?

Linux users:
echo '{IP-Address}' | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts


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