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Services in ambari won't turn on

Services in ambari won't turn on

New Contributor


I don't why all services stopped but when i try to restart all services the indicator would turn green for a few seconds(only for a few services) and then turn red again, how do i resolve this issue

thank you


Re: Services in ambari won't turn on

Hi @abhishek shah - you need check the log files for any of the failing components to see which error is shown before it shuts down. That will give you a clue. For example, do tail -f on the HiveServer2 log file in /var/log/hive and then try to start it. Observe the log file and see what happens.

Does this happen when you "Start All" or also when you try to start each service individually?

Also - is this a multinode cluster or single node? If multinode, make sure that the Ambari server has a network connection to all the other machines.

Re: Services in ambari won't turn on


@abhishek shah you need to go through all of the services in their respective log directories and look at errors. Most likely in case of Sandbox, it's just easier to remove this VM and import a new one. This happens when you improperly shut down a VM. To properly shut it down, you can open an SSH session and issue "shutdown now -h" as root.

Re: Services in ambari won't turn on

Could you please take a look at the process list ("ps -aux") and see if any of these processes might already be running. Sometimes processes wont start because they are already running and their is a conflict with the existing pid file.

Re: Services in ambari won't turn on

@abhishek shah

There is very high probability that your system is running out of memory. Look into hadoop log.

-rw-r--r-- 1 hdfs hadoop 29074491 2016-01-15 13:37

[root@sandbox hdfs]# pwd


[root@sandbox hdfs]#


Re: Services in ambari won't turn on

New Contributor

I am also facing similar issue. I am using Hortownworks Docker Sandbox HDP (64-bit) configured with 8GB RAM through Oracle VM Virtual Box in my laptop with total RAM capacity 12GB. When I start running Hortonworks Sandbox, I am seeing only some hadoop services are getting started. Both YARN and MapReduce2 services are starting for few seconds and going down. Can someone help me what could be issue here? I am trying to run some MapReduce programs written using Python from Linux environment and it is getting stuck after the last line Running step 1 of 1... Please see the mapreduce program I am running below.

[maria_dev@sandbox ~]$ python -r hadoop --hadoop-streaming-jar /usr/hdp/current/hadoop-mapreduce-client/hadoop-streaming.jar

No configs found; falling back on auto-configuration

Looking for hadoop binary in $PATH...

Found hadoop binary: /usr/bin/hadoop

Using Hadoop version

Creating temp directory /tmp/RatingsBreakdown.maria_dev.20170806.043802.334494

Copying local files to hdfs:///user/maria_dev/tmp/mrjob/RatingsBreakdown.maria_dev.20170806.043802.334494/files/...

Running step 1 of 1...

I am not sure whether the root cause of this issue is related to not starting YARN and MapReduce2 services successfully. Please see the screenshot of Ambari UI with all the services status.


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