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Set up Docker in Windows 10

Set up Docker in Windows 10

New Contributor

I went through steps to load the HDF into docker :

PS ...> docker load -i HDF_2.1.2_docker_image_04_05_2017_13_12_03.tar.gz
Loaded image: sandbox-hdf:latest
PS ...> docker images
sandbox-hdf  latest  8f8c9450782b  12 days ago  5.87 GB

Then I set permission to run the script:

PS ...> Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope Process -ExecutionPolicy Bypass
Modifica ai criteri di esecuzione I criteri di esecuzione facilitano la protezione dagli script non attendibili. La modifica dei criteri di esecuzione potrebbe esporre l'utente ai rischi di sicurezza descritti nell'argomento della Guida about_Execution_Policies all'indirizzo Modificare i criteri di esecuzione?
[S] Sì  [T] Sì a tutti  [N] No  [U] No a tutti  [O] Sospendi  [?] Guida (il valore predefinito è "N"): S

but in the end instead of loading services, I see the following error:

PS ...> .\start-sandbox-hdp.ps1
Checking docker daemon...
Docker is up and running
Please download and load the sandbox image.

I am using windows 10 with 8 GB of ram. So the question is, do I get the error because of low amount of ram or I am missing a step.


Re: Set up Docker in Windows 10

New Contributor

Hi Sadegh,

You're using the start script for HDP (start-sandbox-hdp.ps1), not the one for HDF (start_sandbox-hdf.ps1), which is the docker image you downloaded.

Try with the one for HDF and it should work.

Best regards,