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Setting up a cluster using Ambari Blueprint

Hi All,

I have a requirement where in I have to setup a new HDP cluster which will be replica of our one another cluster.

WHat I am planning is to export the Ambari Blueprint and use the same blue print to setup another server.

What are the right steps for me to do and what else I need to take care to get this task done?



@Akash S

Here is a couple of good HCC postings from kuldeep

He has made a couple of articles, you can explore the links like PREVIOUS on his postings to see other blueprint setups using Kerberos.HA etc.

Hope that helps.

Thank you Geo, in the article he mentions bout creating a new blueprint. I wanted to know if I already have an existing blueprint from a different cluster, how will I set up the cluster using that blueprint. @Kuldeep Kulkarni request for your comments.

Super Guru

@Akash S - You can export the blueprint from existing cluster and use one of my article to setup HDP using exported blueprint.

Only the difference would be, you will have to create hostmap.json(cluster creation template) based on exported blueprint(cluster_config.json).

Hope this helps.

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