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Setting up multiple master nodes using Cloudbreak


Setting up multiple master nodes using Cloudbreak


I am setting up a cluster with 2 Masters, 5 workers and 1 compute node with compute node as Ambari server using Cloudbreak UI. Standy namenode and Ambari metrics collector are stopped. When i try to restart them, restart is successful but it stops again in few seconds. Metrics collector fails with "Connection failed: [Errno 111] Connection refused to nodename:6188" I tried moving the metrics collector to different nodes but it didn't help. Note: I have used default security settings to test the cluster setup. So, all the ports are open from any source. Not sure why the standby nodes are failing, there is no error information in Ambari. If I setup just one master node, it works though but I want to have 2 masters for production setting. Any insights would be highly appreciated.

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