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Shared lock is not released after end of execution in Hive

Shared lock is not released after end of execution in Hive

New Contributor

The problem we have is that sometimes, probably when an executor is unexpectedly interrupted, the shared lock is not released at the end of execution. That results in a lock without owner, so the lock must be manually unlocked if we want to update the content of the database. I want to know why that happens. Is it a documented bug? Can we reproduce it? Is there a known fix/workaround?

If we disable the concurrency we would get a situation where every query on a database claims an exclusive lock (which means only one query can be running on the database at once). That is not the wanted behavior.

`show locks se_core.avaya_echi_tele2 extended`

results in

``` tab_name mode

1 se_core@avaya_echi_tele2 SHARED

2 LOCK_QUERYID:hive_20170411120707_e99059e2-bfcb-40e8-b343-2d2551f9dd67 NULL

3 LOCK_TIME:1491905245078 NULL


5 LOCK_QUERYSTRING:SELECT * FROM se_core.avaya_echi_tele2 limit 3 NULL```

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