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Simultaneous State Clearing

Simultaneous State Clearing

New Contributor

Good Morning, 

Is it possible to simultaneously clear the state of multiple processors?
I have 108 different process groups and I want to see if there is a way to clear the state of the QueryDatabaseTable in each process group without manually going into each one and clearing it.

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.



Re: Simultaneous State Clearing

Master Guru



NiFi's state management was not really designed thinking that clearing state was a normal activity that would need to be performed.

Some processors store local state while others store cluster state in zookeeper.  It is possible to clear all states follows

- Local state by stopping NiFi, deleting local state directory and restarting
- Cluster state by stopping NiFi, deleting znode in zookeeper being used for NiFi cluster state, and restarting NiFi.


With the way state is store, it is not possible to selectively clear state on more than one component at a time via the NiFi UI or through manually editing local state or state stored in zookeeper.


Perhaps you may want to submit a new feature request to Apache NiFi community for this.  My first thought would be adding state column to the NiFi "Processors" tab under NiFi "Summary" (global menu  -->  summary).  This would allow you to sort all processors that store state to top of list.  Next have selectable check boxes to the left of processors allowing you to select more than one processor for an action. Create a "clear state" action.


Sorry there is no easy way now to clear state on just a specific processor class, but hoe this information helps.


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