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SmartSense / Activity Analyzer dashboard error.

Rising Star

we are facing issue with SmartSense / Activity Analyzer dashboard

ERROR 1012 (42M03): Table undefined. tableName=ACTIVITY.


@Bhupesh Khanna

please open a support ticket, we want to look into the issue directly.

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Hi @Artem Ervits support ticket is created with same title "SmartSense / Activity Analyzer"

please have a look.


Bhupesh Khanna

New Contributor

Hi Blupesh, Could we have access to the solution of this problem as we are facing the same one. S. Simon


Hi Bhupesh, could you provide us with the link?

New Contributor

@Bhupesh Khanna @Artem Ervits @Nicolas Stienne can you please help with the RCA of this issue ? or any support article that may help to resolve this?