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Solr HA

Solr HA


I am running Cloudera cluster in HA mode (3 HDFSs masters + 3 others masters).

Solr is running on just one machine.

As i crossed 200 parallel request to Solr. It crashed. Can you please advice what i should do in this case ?





Re: Solr HA

Super Collaborator
If you are doing a large number of queries (that makes up that 200 requests), I would suggest adding a second solr node, and then creating a replica of your collection/shard on that node. Please refer to this documentation for using the ADDREPLICA command:

In your case, do not execute the DELETEREPLICA command (step 6). You will also want to ensure you are using CloudSolrServer calls to distribute the requests to both nodes, or change your code to send to both servers. How are you currently connecting to solr to run queries?

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