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Solr and Hive

Solr and Hive

Rising Star

Hi dear experts!

now I'm looking for any solution which will be able to query Solr Index data with hive queries.

I found 2 projects:




The first one is compilible and I can get jar, but when I write the simplest query like select * from tab where col=123;

the query fails.


The second project is not compilible - I couldn't build SerDe jar.


Does someone has in mind working hive-solr project? Thank you in advance!


Re: Solr and Hive

New Contributor

I've made some changes to run it on Cloudera 5.8.2. You can try to use it:


Re: Solr and Hive

New Contributor

Hi everyone,


I try to build the LW project, but it doesn't work....


I found this one i can package very straightfoward...


Does anyone have already built the LW one? Or use the "chimpler" handler?



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