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Solr create alias of aliases


Solr create alias of aliases

New Contributor


I am trying to organize my solr collections as it follows:

1 - I have a real collection for each month of multiple years;

2 - I have an alias for each year that includes all the relevant months;

3 - I would like an alias that includes all years;

4 - I would like an alias that includes different kind of dataset of the previous step;


Since I cannot create an alias including aliases only, I created a real empty collection for creating the alias which includes all years (3rd step) and managed to make it works.


However I cannot manage to to reach the last step: although I can create the alias that wraps all datasets, if I try to make a query on this alias I get an error reporting that solr cannot find the alias of a year (the 2nd step) although this year is included in an alias included in the last one.


The Solr documentation reports:

"Aliasing allows you to create a single 'virtual' collection name that can point to one more real collections. You can update the alias on the fly."


Is there a way to create alias of aliases in Solr?


Thank you.


Re: Solr create alias of aliases

Super Collaborator

As far as I know you cannot create alias of aliases.

Re: Solr create alias of aliases

New Contributor

what type permission you need to create alias? 


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