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Solr-to-Ranger error


Solr-to-Ranger error


Hi all,

I have joined a new project and one the issues or tasks is the Ranger audit to default Solr installed with Ambari_infra which is not working I am NOT a Solr guru.

This is a HDP 2.5 and ambari 2.4.2 running on Ubuntu 14. The current installation has 2 versions of Solr the infra and Solr apache lucene on /optwhich was installed as a second option because the infra had failed.

But now when I go to the Ranger UI the audit UI is empty. I have 2 redundant Solr installationsthat are not working.

When I deactivate the External solrCloud Ranger doesn't restart? Is it possible to remove the Ambari_infra component and reinstall?

CAn someone help me sort out this mess?

Brilliant ideas welcome


Re: Solr-to-Ranger error


@Geoffrey Shelton Okot

At one point of time you can only have either default-solr or Ambrari-Infra Solr

As, hortonworks recommends Ambari-solr to store the Ranger audit logs

See the following steps to be done

1- you need to stop the running default-solr instance, with the below script


2- To enable Ranger to store its audits in Ambari-Solr, you need to

>> Under Audit to Solr, clickOFFunder SolrCloud to enable SolrCloud. The button label will change to ON, and the SolrCloud configuration settings will be loaded automatically.

Ref: -

Let me know if this works


Re: Solr-to-Ranger error


@suresh kumar c

Hi I did exactly that and Ranger couldn't start so I reverted and everything is working again, I know thats NOT a clean installation I have inherited but I want a smart way to switch things to Ambari_infra without making the cluster unusable.I have ONLY one cluster for DEV,UAT and PROD....:-)

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