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Solrcloud Mode in Hortonworks cluster on Azure

Solrcloud Mode in Hortonworks cluster on Azure

I have setup a 5 node Hortonworks cluster (2 master vm and 3 slave vm) on Azure.

I am aware that if I install HDP Search plugin, it will install Solr. My doubt is how to install solr in solrcloud mode. Do I have to install HDP Search plugin on all 5 nodes? Or is there any configurations file that needs to be edited?


Re: Solrcloud Mode in Hortonworks cluster on Azure

The same install bits would be used for Solr in Cloud mode vs standalone mode. Once installed, when you start Solr is when you decide when you want to start in Cloud mode or not.

So just add the repo and install lucidworks-hdpsearch from yum per the install doc (on all the nodes where you want to run Solr):

Once installed, when you can follow the getting started guide to start Solr in Cloud mode and create a collections

There are a few articles on using HDP search on this forum as well with sample steps to get started:

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