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Spark 1.6.3 on CDH 5.14.0




I've added the spark service (version 1.6.0) on my cloudera cluster with parcels (cloudera CDH 5.14.0), but i would like to update the spark to version 1.6.3


How can I update Spark version ? As it's included into CDH parcel, i don't know how to do that, and i don't think there is a CDH parcel which include spark 1.6.3.


Can you help me ?


Expert Contributor

@JSenzier are you looking for any particular fix/Jira in Spark1.6.3 which is not there in CDH Spark 1.6?


It's true that the latest we've in CDH is - Spark1.6 but that is not an exact replica of base (upstream) Spark1.6. Here is a list of spark bugs fixed in CDH 5.14 on top of the base version 1.6.  




Thank you for the answer.


No i'm not looking for any particular fix in Spark 1.6.3, it's the developper of spark jobs who said it could be better to install spark 1.6.3 to avoid bugs.


But I didn't know that Spark in CDH was not the same as base, so it's good to know.