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Spark : Equivalent of RDD action foreach


Spark : Equivalent of RDD action foreach


We are new to spark looking for an equivalent action of an RDD similar to foreach which applies to each element


Re: Spark : Equivalent of RDD action foreach

Expert Contributor

Theres not really an rdd equivalent like "foreachRDD" in core spark but there is a foreach partition that allows you to apply function foreach partition in the RDD.

In spark streaming there is a foreachRDD which allows you to apply a function to each "RDD" in the DStream.

//Core Spark
foreachPartition(f: (Iterator[T]) ⇒ Unit): Unit
foreachRDD(foreachFunc: (RDD[T]) ⇒ Unit): Unit

Re: Spark : Equivalent of RDD action foreach

New Contributor

Interesting, assumed that something like the following:

sc.parallelize([1, 2, 3, 4]).foreach(lambda x: accum.add(x))

As per the Spark manual would execute in parallel in Spark, applying a function to each element. But perhaps that is not quite what the above line is doing.

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