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Spark Launcher returning LOST state in cluster mode


Spark Launcher returning LOST state in cluster mode

New Contributor

Trying to launch a Spark application which is launched perfectly fine but I am getting the state as LOST from the handler.

Using Spark 2.3.0.




SparkAppHandle handler = new SparkLauncher()
                         .startApplication(new SparkAppHandle.Listener(){
                           public void stateChanged(SparkAppHandle sh){
                           System.out.println(sh.getState() + "is current state");
                           public void infoChanged(SparkAppHandle sh){
                           System.out.println(sh.getState() + " is info");
       System.out.println("Wait:Loop APP_ID : "+handler.getAppId()+" state: "+handler.getState());




The state continuously prints LOST and AppId as null, irrespective of the state of job which is finished. Can someone please guide here ? 

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