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Spark action for oozie in HDP 2.5.0



I wanted to know if ozzie spark actions are supported by HDP 2.5.o or shoud I use faclon instead? Does falcon on HDP 2.5.0 supports spark actions?



Yes, Oozie Spark Action is supported in HDP 2.5.0 (OOZIE-1983). However, be advised that there are known issues.

For a description and workaround, take a look at the below link under BUG-63226.

Alternatively, you can also use the workaround described in the article below.

Rising Star


Falcon on HDP 2.5.0 does support Spark actions. See the Data Movement & Integration guide for info.

However, Falcon has been deprecated in HDP 2.6 and will be removed in HDP 3.0.


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