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Spark submit executor options

Spark submit executor options

Master Collaborator

Hi I am running CDH 5.4.4 a trying to run a sample app in Spark as much as possible in parallel.

I encountered a problem with default settings, submitting the application with spark-submit initiated only two executors. However I wanted to run 7 of them.


Reading YARN logs I realized that Spark requested more memory, thus YARN provided just two containers (actually three) for execution.


I thought this can be adjusted via command line options, but I failed.


Setting options such as num-executors, executor-memory worked with spark-shell but spark-submit ignored this 

command line options.


I tried to edit the /opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH/etc/spark/conf.dist/spark-defaults.conf





but it dont worked, after editing the /etc/spark/conf.cloudera.spark_on_yarn/spark-defaults.conf the Spark configuration changed and the 

sample application worked as I wanted (7 executors).


But still I have a problem, because I want to run one application with 7 executors, another with 3 executors. Changing the config file is not an option for me


Any ideas why spark-submit ignores the command line override?




Re: Spark submit executor options

Master Collaborator

spark-submit and spark-shell work the same way. Are you sure your cluster has enough resources to allocate 7 executors of the size you request? it sounds like it didn't from what you say.

Re: Spark submit executor options

Master Collaborator

I am sure, as I checked on the Spark UI the list o executors, there were seven of them.

One node has 2GB for YARN and 2 cores. I have 4 nodes, and YARN configured as 1 core/container, 512M min per container, 100M increment.


So I did a calculation: If I want to run two containers, that means 2x 1024MB. 1024 - 384MB (this is a Spark overhead) is 640MB.

To be sure, I set only 600MB.


As I mentioned above submitting 


spark-submit /root/program3/target/scala-2.10/simple-project_2.10-1.0.jar --master yarn-client --executor-memory 600M --num-executors 7


launched the app with only two executors.



After adding


to the /etc/spark.... spark-default.conf file and submitting


spark-submit /root/program3/target/scala-2.10/simple-project_2.10-1.0.jar --master yarn-client


launched the application with seven executors.





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