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Spark thrift server down

I'm on hdp 2.4.3 and I'm having an issue with my spark thrift servers. They go down shortly after starting, and I'm unable to find any relevant information in the logs located at /var/log/spark, am I looking in the wrong place? The logs don't update when I start the process so I feel as if there is a bigger issue here or that I'm not understanding something critical.



What 'user' are you using to run the Spark thrift server?

I'm starting it using ambari. Should I be starting it manually as a specific user (hive?)

I've tried all of the stuff mentioned here, thanks though!


You can check a couple of things:

-- which port is STS using? is that port in use?

-- check, find the log directory

The log directory is /var/log/spark, and it's using port 10015.

I see this error in the .out file now when I try to start the thrift server ERROR ThriftCLIService: Error starting HiveServer2: could not start ThriftBinaryCLIService My hiveserver2 is up though.

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That log is because STS derives from HS2. You will probably find an exception somewhere in the logs as to why STS could not start.


@Kevin Major Did you find a solution the STS crash?


No, not at have any one faced same issue kindly let me know the soln