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Spark2 archive wrong manifest.json

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Although is not part of CDH there was no section for Spark, so I am posting it here.

There is an issue with the manifest files in and



Although the parcels are 


The contents of the manifest refer to 

      "parcelName": "SPARK2-2.3.0.cloudera1-1.cdh5.12.0.p0.304585-el7.parcel",

If someone uses the as a Remote parcel repository, it will fail.

The manifest in is ok, which is strange. I thought that "latest" was a link to the latest version.


Please find below screenshots of the repository




Please fix it. If someone wants to install Spark2.2 cloudera 2, then he should alter the parcel repository from



Re: Spark2 archive wrong manifest.json

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I see that repositories have been updated and CDS 2.3 has been released.