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Spark2 missing keytab file for HDP 2.7



Recently upgraded to HDP 2.7 and added Spark2 via Ambari on kerberised cluster.

It is failing to start Spark2 history server because of missing Spark2 headless keytab file.

What is the right way to resolve it.


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Can you try to re-generate missing keytabs from "Admin/Kerberos" page - this should generate missing key tab file


Thanks for quick reply. I tried but still spark2 service principle is missing. I even checked it with kadmin.

Wondering that Spark2 clients are running fine on the respective nodes, but issue is with Spark2 History Server and Spark2 Thrift Server.

I can see in Spark2 config that

spark.history.kerberos.keytab = /etc/security/keytabs/spark2.headless.keytab

Looks like a bug somewhere!

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