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Split Function in hive on JSONS

Split Function in hive on JSONS

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'm handing JSON arrays in hive.I know that it can be handled with JSON serde as well but i want to do it with get_json_object or json_tuple and the regular expressions. so i was follwing the link

It gives the Json File like this {"key1":"0","key2":"11.800","info":"[{\"id\":\"1234\",\"v\":\"3\"},{\"id\":\"5678\",\"v\":\"3\"}]","key3":"3"} Why it need to have slashes in front of id and every other value??.The Observation Are like below


When we add the split on the regex we got from the above result we get the below things ["{\"id\":\"1234\",\"v\":\"3\"}","{\"id\":\"5678\",\"v\":\"3\"}"]

If i remove the slashes in my source Json file ebrything is coming as null.What is the possible way to get out of this.

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