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Sqoop 1 client issue

Sqoop 1 client issue

hello, I have installed sqoop through yum install sqoop at command line and it worked fine. 

I was having a configuration issue in the cluster saying Packaged are detected so I removed all the packages and switched to CM UI to install Sqoop 1 client, I have add the service on a specific host which is a worker node and I would want to import SQL data into this worker node.

1.Problem here is after installing Sqoop 1 client, sqoop commands don't work on this worker node.

this is my sqoop parcel path - /opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH-5.14.4-1.cdh5.14.4.p0.3/bin

Sqoop JDBC  driver path - /var/lib/sqoop

error :

bash: sqoop: command not found

systemctl status sqoop
Unit sqoop.service could not be found.

2.Also, I don't see any UI options to import data then what is purpose of Sqoop 1 client ?


Any help is appreciated how to make use of sqoop1 client and  import data using Sqoop 1 client . Thanks


Re: Sqoop 1 client issue

Rising Star

Are you trying to run the sqoop command in the worker node?

Can you try redeploying the sqoop client configuration and restarting Cloudera manager agent on the node. Which can help in reconfiguring the symlinks


Re: Sqoop 1 client issue

Yes, I am trying to run the sqoop import on a worker node which has Region server, HDFS-datanode, Yarn-node manager.


restarting the agent and removing the /usr/lib/hadoop directory made sqoop commands work. thanks for that input.


My second question is , Do I have to still use the command line to import data into HBASE or HDFS even though I have a Sqoop1 client managed by Cloudera?

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