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Sqoop Import-all-tables keep failing!

Sqoop Import-all-tables keep failing!

New Contributor

I am runnig this sqoop-all-tables command and its keep on failing, pls suggest me what I am doing wrong.


[cloudera@quickstart ~]$ sqoop import-all-tables -m 1 --connect "jdbc:mysql://quickstart.cloudera:3306/retail_db" --username=retail_dba  -P  --hive-import  --create-hive-table  --hive-database sqoop_import


I am getting this message:


16/04/15 12:59:13 INFO ipc.Client: Retrying connect to server: quickstart.cloudera/ Already tried 9 time(s); retry policy is RetryUpToMaximumCountWithFixedSleep(maxRetries=10, sleepTime=1000 MILLISECONDS)


All sugggestion welcome!